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January 27, 2009


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Handshake 2.0

What a creative title - I love it! And it's perfectly accurate - did you see that steering wheel spin with no one there?! An amazing experience. And I agree about TORC. How exciting to have such innovation in our area! And truly, it is for sale. Can you imagine owning your own TORC car? Awing.

Thanks, Jeremy, for sharing the excitement!

Handshake 2.0

And kudos to David Cutter of TORC Technologies for creating the video and for the TORC engineers for giving me VIP treatment and a VIP trip!

Shirley B. Gillispie

Wow! I can feel the thrill of it by just watching. 40mph is really moving for operation by remote. It makes me little giddy with excitement. If the car is pricey for me, how about a ride?

Anne speechless? Leave it to TORC. They're top shelf.

Robert Giles

Maybe some day soon you'll be driving clients around the New River Valley in a windows-modified Escape Hybrid, commenting on the needs and potentials for re-locating for energy conservation, the newly developing rural scenery, and the new fleets of delivery vehicles (Torc technology) reducing costs and impacts of individual driving miles.

It's fun to witness, over-the-shoulder, a great start-up.

Jeremy Hart

Pretty cool, isn't it? Amazing, amazing stuff.

Handshake 2.0

"Giddy" is the perfect word, Shirley! I had to laugh at "speechless." Yep, TORC did it!

And Robert, I very much appreciate and share your vision of Jeremy Hart using the latest technology, such as that created by TORC, for the greatest good.

Lindsey Eversole

I would be left speechless too if I just received a ride in TORC’s car! It seemed to be a smooth and effortless drive…there never seems to be a dull moment at TORC.

Jeremy Hart

definitely a shining star, Lindsey - seems like we have a lot of those around here, huh?

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