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September 11, 2008


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I am more concerned about folks that are driving these small motored scooters on roads that are not designed for them. I typically pass one or two of them on my drive to and from work on Rt 11...where it's 55 mph. It's a one lane road (in each direction), and there are no shoulders for them to drive on, so what you see is cars getting into the opposite lane of traffic when it is clear to get past them. They can't be going more than 25...

I figure it's probably illegal for them to be there, but with no license plates on the scooters there's no way to report them anyway...

Jeremy Hart

Bill, I think you're right; there's an inherent risk with any motor vehicle, but those with no safety equipment increase their risks exponentially. That's one reason why they shouldn't be on streets with speed limits hiring than 35 MPH, in my opinion. And if you're going to insert yourself into traffic, cap your noggin! Wear a helmet; I'm certainly going to err on the side of caution with that one.

Careful out there ... that stretch of Route 11 can be difficult.

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