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August 30, 2008


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RU Alumni

Progress equals trailers? That's must be why Blacksburg prohibits them and Christiansburg allows them. Hopefully, these aren't for students and aren't FEMA surplus, and are very, very temporary.


RU Alumni, they're most certainly temporary! Radford is undergoing massive capital improvements campus-wide, I just thought the exchange between President Kyle and Provost Stanton was humorous:

Provost Wil Stanton told the crowd of faculty and staff that progress isn't always pretty, what with all that construction equipment, fences and mud.

"And trailers," President Penelope Kyle added from the front row.

"Mobile classrooms," Stanton corrected.

"I'm from Galax," Kyle replied back with a laugh.

Point being, Radford's making progress. Progress is sometimes messy, but in the end the university's students, faculty and staff will be better served because of it. I'm glad to see it happening!

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