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August 06, 2008


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Lani Anglin-Rosales

Beautifully, perfectly said. We are a really big online family and who would have predicted the love emanating from our computers? This loss is so sad, so unfair and so untimely. God bless the Lublins.

Mike Mueller

Jeremy, I started with Jay's post which has led me to the others that have written something to express their sadness.

I mentioned that that for me it helped to write something but it was even more cathartic to read what others have written.

Our thoughts are with the Lublin family.

Jeremy Hart

Loss certainly isn't easy, right, but whether it hits close to home or to someone we've never met, it's still loss. I look forward to meeting Bill one day, and am disappointed that I'll not experience what kind of person Sheila was, but I'm honored to have known her online. She will be missed by many ...

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