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June 11, 2008


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Tom Markiewicz

This is just another example of why I'm moving away from Blacksburg. The university and the CRC are getting it right, but unfortunately the town doesn't understand what is need to attract and *retain* businesses.

The town government has consistently demonstrated an anti-growth sentiment through their actions (despite what they say).

Smart growth is necessary, but it appears they want no growth.


I am glad you are the blog writer and I am the blog reader, because you made some really valid points in your post...all said better than I could have done.

You're totally right, it's not that anyone is going to be upset that there won't be a Sonic built, but it just screams to any retail businesses that are thinking about moving into town to stay away, because trying to get approval will be more trouble than it's worth. It also goes to show you that the special interests groups in Blacksburg have entirely too much power and sway with the town council.

Now watch them put in something like a Papa Johns, or some sort of food delivery store in there which won't need to get a special permit, and will have cars zooming in and out all day. I can think of a lot less pedestrian friendly things they could put in there that won't need special permission from the council to be built.

Jeremy Hart

Tom - still wish you weren't moving, would have enjoyed getting to know you guys better! But you're right, CRC seems to be creating an environment where businesses and employees can thrive and grow, but step into Town limits and we're still stuck in the past. Although, if you need a good sub shop, bar or tattoo parlor, I can recommend several! I'm still optimistic that we're going to get it right - I WANT to see us get it right - but there's still a nagging concern that we're setting ourselves back decades by not preparing for the growth that I believe can come.

Bill - always appreciate your comments, particularly your flattery. Check's in the mail!

I thought the Collegiate Times' editorial on the issue was well-done -, and the continued conversation in the comments has been pretty insightful, as well. Mayor Rordam suggested that while he wasn't particularly thrilled with Sonic, he didn't see a reason to vote against it. And he actually - imagine this - went to see how loud the one in Christiansburg was before making his decision.

It's NOT about Sonic, and I don't think it's necessarily about foot traffic, either. It's about making it clear who has control. Not a spirit of collaboration, but domination.

Josh McGilliard

If town council could sit back and just take a break from all the rapid fire decisions they have been making over the last year they might see a pretty eye opening trend, one that might lead someone to believe there is not a voice representing the people anymore. It's almost like everything I read about it from my home in Richmond is a personal vendetta based on personal agendas and personal feelings. Lose the power trip it's the smartest PR move you can make if you care about the town and it's future. Ultimately even the die hard Citizens First people are going to see that town council is no longer representing a public voice. It's personal and it's transparent and has no business in Blacksburg.

G. Christopher

I know this post is rather old, but today, in the thick of the recession
we and those who moved into First and Main are seeing the direct impact
of Blacksburg's fighting what fits 100% within our commercially zoned
districts. Had there not been the long and drawn out moaning and suing and fighting...First and Main WOULD be hosting Sonic, and Beamer's and the Movie Theatre and more. BUT, because it took more than 2-years to fight it out, by the time people would have been ready to move on these tax paying, employing, shopper-drawing business it was too late. So what would have by now been a fully-leased center, attracting customers despite the recession, is a still potentially great addition to our town...that is stuck in limbo.

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