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April 24, 2008


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Mike Ziray

Lots of people share their bad experiences, thanks for sharing your good ones!

As for customer service, even after the sale I still talk to my realtor. I ask her about HOA stuff, problems with neighbors and how to resolve those in a civilized manner, getting things fixed that were suppose to be fixed when I bought the place but weren't and anything else that comes up. I'm a first time buyer so I had a few questions going into the sale a year ago, but I had even more questions months after the sale. So I think it's awesome that she's there doing this stuff for free for me, even though she's not getting anything out of it, except maybe a referral down the road.

I've worked in sales before and the thing that always won people over was me telling them I wasn't just selling them a product, but that I was also, personally, supporting that product and would be there personally if anything were to happen to it. I worked as an Apple campus rep for VT, and Apple has the highest customer ratings for 6 years in a row, according to Consumer Reports. So customer support is more important long after the sale than before it and letting people know its there is comforting to them.

Jeremy Hart

Thanks Mike - I'm harder than most when it comes to that stuff, I think, and I was so struck by both circumstances I had to tell somebody! We should be doing things for people - your REALTOR example, for instance - not because we hope to get a referral out of it, but simply because it's nice to do. Apple succeeds because they don't jerk their customers around, and they create raving fans. It's the right thing to do, and both your REALTOR and Apple are proving you come out on top by doing just that!

Missy Caulk

That is so exciting, I follow comcastcares too.

BawldGuy Talking

We stick to our clients from their first transaction with us 'till they retire. Still, we can all do better, can't we?

It's still surprising at times when a client perceives a glitch in service. We jump on it like a frog on a fly, but sometimes end up shaking our heads in amazement. The 'great service' approach can't be beat, but it also sets up some unintended consequences.

Just ask Nordstroms about all the abuse they take with returns. We have that at times. It almost always occurs after they've been with us long enough to expect everything to be seamless, which is of course, a lofty standard, but humanly impossible.

It's a good news/bad news joke. You set the gold standard -- good news. Clients expect you to measure of to that gold standard perfectly at all times -- bad news. :)

Good stuff, Jeremy -- thanks.

Jeremy Hart

Missy - anytime a company is willing to do something special to earn your business, they're worth talking about, don't you think?

Bawld Guy - we're human, we'll make mistakes and people will tell others about those mistakes. When we set the standard and raise the bar, it's rarely discussed, and that's okay - we're still doing the right thing, and that's the absolute best job we can for our clients. In the end, THAT's customer service. Thanks for commenting, always enjoy your thoughts!

Jim Rake

Great info - you gotta love this blogging stuff. You hit the nail on the this case, with a positive - no - with two postive accounts of great customer service and/or response time. First, thanks for sharing a good story; Second, maybe there is something to that "Twitter thing"; Lastly, thanks for reminder - What are we doing to improve the way we're operating? Reminds me of the old saying, "If you're not moving forward, you're probably moving backward."

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