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April 24, 2008


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Matthew Rathbun

Hey, I know that I better off because of the people that I've met on Twitter and the friendships that have developed.

It makes my day when I see a quick note from you and others. It's a great tool!

Jeremy Hart

It IS a great tool, and I'm glad you guys pushed me into it. It's funny, the depth that some of the conversations Twitter has fostered, despite it's 140-character limit. It really forces you to say something concise and meaningful ...

But more than that, the relationships it's created. Think of when our Austin, TX friend went down - people were genuinely concerned when she was gone, and happy to see her back. That's something that email is hard-pressed to create.

Tom Markiewicz

Great post and thanks for sharing. I've found Twitter to be indispensable.

Regarding your question on using the @ symbol for users in tweets - it started as a way for users to identify they were replying to others and Twitter then built in the functionality after the fact to support this usage. Each tweet can be parsed for the @username to track the conversation.

Jeremy Hart

Thanks, Tom. Indispensable ... I think that's a good way to describe it.

Ryan Stewart (aka stuboo)

Twitter is a lot of things to me, Jeremy. In this instance, it proved to be a lot like a shopping experience. I knew I would need a Realtor in the NRV so I did a search on TweetScan for 'Blacksburg' and started following some folks.

Initially, I imagined that I would end up meeting someone who could recommend an agent. When I realized you were one, I followed quietly for a few days, learned that you were "my kind of people" and decided to pose the question you mentioned above.

It also didn't hurt that my wife used to be a Coldwell Banker agent. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Jeremy Hart

Thanks Ryan, for the comment. Interesting, I didn't give much though to the fact that you might be "listening" to what I was saying before you contacted me. Guess it really goes to show you can get a feel for a person just based on their online presence.

Bucking the Real Estate Trend

Twitter is quickly evolving and certainly is addicting. It's great to be able to keep up with things in 'now' time, and getting to know others in the RE industry. Will report my first Twitter client!

Natalie Langford

Jeremy, I couldn't agree more. Thanks to you, I now know all about Auz Bloc and more about green building. I'm sure I'll continue to learn from you and my other peers. The speed information passes is like wildfire. @TMarkiewicz and @stuboo made smart moves!

Jeremy Hart

Thanks, Natalie, that's awesome!

Tim Ayres

Hi Jeremy,

thanks for the insight on Twitter. Everyone here in the Sooke/Victoria real estate market thinks I'm a huge dork or has never heard of Twitter when they see me tweeting! I agree it's only a matter of time before it catches on a little more, and people turn to their twitter followees for advice. I also enjoy learning about other markets. All we hear up here in Canada about the U.S. market is that it's bad. It's nice to get the 'real' story on what's going on.

Jeremy Hart

Thanks Tim! The "real" story is what's happening on the ground, and it's different everywhere. That's one of the things that makes these connections we make so valuable, because it gives us the opportunity to learn firsthand what's happening in different markets. Keep doing it - it'll make you a better agent, no doubt!

Cyndee Haydon

Wow - what a great story! It's been great getting comfortable with being a part of the twitter world - thanks for sharing and inspiring us all.
P.S. I found this post via Twitter!!

Brian Miller

great post. i've been a twitter member for a while, but have not done anything to develop my network, use it, etc. I've heard snippets of how useful it can be, but your post is really full of real application. I'm going to take another look at my twitter efforts..

Real estate rant

Hi Jeremy, Thanks for such a valuable information. Twitter sounds very interesting, I will also try to join in the group.

Jim Rake

Jeremy - thanks for the input. Seems more "value added" tools turn up every day, and Twitter is one of the "keepers". Its success speaks for itself - another good resource for better service!

Diane Zubrod


Thanks for your addictive efforts, all of which I relate to. I am new at Twitter and hope to build a community of like-kind trusted relationships. I've been penned a relationship broker and this gives me another avenue to expand what comes naturally.

Handshake 2.0

What I appreciate is that you have offered a specific, detailed example of the successful use of Twitter for business. Lots of PR and marketing folks pitch the use of Web 2.0 tools for business, but if their use doesn't result in ROI, they're just one more drain on a company's resources.

Very nice to know of a real example - and a local one. Thank you!

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