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March 07, 2008


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P. Williams

I will absolutely, without a doubt shop, see films, dine and meet friends regularly at First & Main, as will the at least 150 - 200 people I've discussed the 'topic' with in my circle of friends. Frankly, it is foolish to doom Blacksburg to never having access to more than what's already here. And I guarantee you - Big Box or No Big Box - when the construction dust settles and the new Inn on Main St is done, the new Black Box Theatre is done, the new VT Performing Arts Center is done and First & Main is done BOTH downtown and South Main will be fully leased, busy commercial + arts districts and this town will benefit 100%+ from all of this work. People fear change - understandable...but people will also benefit in the long-term from change. So just hang tight, try to open your minds to the possibilities and stop being so damn negative all the time. It's ALL good.

Jeremy Hart

I think there's a longer-term benefit to this project than people are recognizing, despite the fact that First & Main isn't as glam as maybe it was pitched. In truth, what is? In the end, I believe Blacksburg will be better served, and I'm looking forward to that. Thanks for commenting, P Williams!

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