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February 20, 2008


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I was thinking about this very topic the other day and realized that I wish the town council really had taken another approach to this whole thing. One is acknowledged their mistake when approving the changes to the master plan which allowed the Wal-Mart in the first place (btw I am in support of the Wal-mart). Now instead of passing a new Ordinance which even by their own admission is flawed, and then suing the development company and then in essence themselves, why didn't they sit down with the development company spend the 100k they've spent in lawyer fees to come up with a solution that will work for the town and the development company. Find ways to shelter the surrounding community and the nearby school. Look at changing the roads to effect traffic patterns to minimize traffic in the neighborhoods, or even changing the master plan again to put the Wal-Mart on the opposite side of the development. Or even better work with the development company to bring in another store like Ukrops or something that wouldn't have such a negative feeling towards it...You can't tell me Blacksburg wouldn't go just as nuts as Roanoke did over a Ukrops. I just think the town council needs new thinking in it to bring smart growth to town by working with developers instead of NO-growth or after how I have seen the town act what I like to call dumb growth. Like you mentioned all this does is scare developers away that have good ideas, and can keep the small town feeling that the b'burg citizens want to keep.


Good comment Bill. Until the town council starts actively working with developers we are stuck with developments that meet existing zoning, but may not be in the best interests of the town.

I worried the old middle school property will sell for for far less than they could get just because they will not budge on the zonnmg, so we end up with a bunch of houses suitbale for rental units due to the proixmity to downtown and campus, instead of something that would enhance the town.

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