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December 11, 2008


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Jason Emerick

Well I didn't get around to it this year because I just didn't have time, but I usually put up any where from 20,000 to 30,000 lights on my parents house.

I have all the parts to make it a computer controlled display, just have to find time to solder and wire up the controllers and sync it all to music. I plan on having it all ready to go for next Christmas though.


We used to move constantly, so I painted my own Christmas ornaments on circles of heavy watercolor paper. All my decorations fit in one little margerine tub. We're still using them even though our nomadic lifestyle ended when I retired and we moved to Radford, the beautiful New River City!

Jeremy Hart

Jason - 20-30 THOUSAND lights? I can't even imagine what that looks like! Please remember to send in a picture of that next year, or better yet, a video of it all in action. 30k lights? Computer controls, sync'd to music? Sheesh.

Katy - thanks for sending in the picture of the ornaments, I"ll post that this weekend. It's a good idea - they're really cool, and they don't take up any room in storage. When you have to move, this is a great alternative ... have you ever thought about selling them? You really should.

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