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July 08, 2007


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Jeff Brown

Thanks so much Jeremy - your kind words are much appreciated. Good luck on your investment.

Brian Huprich

Money magazine had a good comparison on this - . The conclusion there is stocks over the long run (25 years), which is the time period most people invest for, not 10 years. I think the blogger you linked was in San Diego - I'm guessing his view would be skewed by a hyper-growth market in CA (which also prohibits many people from owning affordable, quality housing). Ultimately there is no clear winner, other than having a diversified portfolio with some of each.

Jeremy Hart

Full disclosure - Brian's one of my favorite clients, despite his professed allegiance to Ohio State. He makes a good point in that the best route is a diversified portfolio, but I would bet the one factor not being taken into consideration here is that with real estate, you're gaining the appreciation AND the positive equity of having a mortgage paid for you. Suddenly your growth rate grows a bit more, and your investment grows a lot more!

Brian - call me when you're ready to invest!

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